Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st entry for January 2011

This my 2011 opening...Quite be late but still opening for my bloggy 2011...Yesterday 10th January 2011 I has been attend traning for "Handling Full Set Account Efectively" at Grand Millenium Hotel, Ku ala Lumpur..U guys can see the below picture of panaroma at the hotel..Such a beautiful hotel i has been visited after Sunway Resort.

Amacam cun tak??? Memang penat sangat walaupun training tu habis awal 15 minit dr jadualnya tapi shea sampai lambat juga rumah. Biasa lah this hotel located di Jalan Bukit Bintang infront of FAHRENHEIT mall and nearest with LOT 10. So u all pon taw how situation at KL on 5pm rite..Memang padat sepadat Milo padat macam iklan tv tu. Food???wah mmg best sebb buffet so bley makan sebyk mungkin mcm2 ada cam trademark astro hehehehhee....Today on 11th January 2011 is my second and the last days traning. Isyh kejap je ek...Hopefully todays is better than tomorrow...Mmg better pon coz maybe my course will be end early half than hour dari jadual..Wah best giru....Bley sampai awal....So end of my 1st entry of January 2011..Hope 2011 more sweetiest more than 2010....